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About Us

We provide the best cardsharing service in Europe, compatible with CCcam, with little freeze or glitches, and fast zapping.

The service is hosted on 3 redundant servers with real local cards at each node.

We run only software tested to be stable and it is monitored 24x7.

Therefore we can guarantee a high-availability of 99.9% uptime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I take a free test?
Yes, you can take a 24 hour+ free test per month here.

Is Sky available?
No, Sky is not available.

How do I order?
First take a free test.
If you are satisfied, place your order here and follow payment instructions.

I am experiencing freezing on a particular channel
Try different softcams - CCcam, OSCam and Mgcamd. Try different channels on different packages. We cannot guarantee 100% quality on all channels with cardsharing.

I have no service. What can I do?
1. Check signal - if you receive a message "No Signal" it means that your box is not receive signal from the antenna on the tuned frequency. Possible reasons for this are incorrect channel (try to update the channels list), signal is not available in your area, tuner misconfiguration on decoder, dish needs alignment, faulty LNB or other antenna part. You may need a satellite dish installer/technician to resolve a faulty antenna.
2. Check network - Use the remote to navigate to the Network control panel and check that it is online (green). Possible reasons for network failure are the network cable is faulty or router (try to restart it) or internet connection.
3. Check softcam - Using the blue button on the remote check that the software is running and status of the CCcam lines and try to restart the softcam. If you softcam is not available or lines are not visible, you need to follow tutorial to configure softcam.
4. Contact us and paste clines here in message and we will check them out and get back to you.