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1. Software image
To access our server, your Linux Satellite Receiver Box needs to be flashed with a software image that supports CCcam. We recommend OpenPLi image, because the initial wizard guides you through the installation of CCcam. Google OpenPLi instructions + your receiver model. When flashing clones, take caution! They require modified images and can be bricked if flashed with the incorrect image. A visual inspection of the internals of the box may be required to identify the clone model. A lot of forums are available on the internet to help you out.

2. Channel List
You also need to upload a channel list. We recommend Vhannibal. Use dreamboxEDIT utility to upload the channel list to the receiver box.

3. CCcam.cfg and CCcam.prio
To configure CCcam, you need to use an FTP client such as FileZilla, and the IP address and root password of the box. To get the IP address on OpenPLi, use remote control to navigate to Menu, Setup, System, Network, Adapter settings. If you've just flashed the box, google "default password + image name" for the password.
a. FTP into the box
b. Browse to the /etc folder
c. Edit CCcam.cfg and paste your C-lines.
d. Upload CCcam.prio Download

4. Reboot
Last step is to reboot the receiver box. Hold the power button, then select Restart.


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